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June 2012

Gold 150 - Education Pack

Friday, 15th June 2012

Gold 150 - Education Pack

Gold 150  

  • Gold 150 - Education Pack Gold 150

To celebrate 150 years since gold was discovered in Central Otago, the Lakes District Musuem (with support from the Central Lakes Trust) has produced an education booklet to support teachers in their classroom studies.

Copies have been made available to schools within the Central Lakes Trust region. There are additional copies available for sale from the museum - email Rachel, our wonderful Education Officer, on [email protected] to find out availability and price.

Rachel is also running Gold 150 education programmes for your students - which have been extremely popular. To discover more about the education programme, view

Make sure you check back on our blog as we prepare for the 'Gold Is Where You Find It: 150 years of gold in Central Otago'. As we discover interesting and intriguing facts about gold over the past 150 years in Central Otago - we will share that information with you via our blog.

Transit of Venus - 1874

Thursday, 7th June 2012

Transit of Venus - 1874

American Team to view Transit of Venus, 1874  

  • Transit of Venus - 1874American Team to view Transit of Venus, 1874

As the world descended on Tologa Bay, NZ, yesterday to view the Transit of Venus, it reminded us of a series of photographs in our collection of the 1874 Transit of Venus American Expedition.