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1st July - 3rd September

Taoka Tuku Iho: Family Treasures

The children of the Wakatipu have helped the museum create an exhibition showcasing our rich heritage. Taoka Tuku Iho (loosely translated as treasures passed down or “heirlooms”) starts by school aged children asking their families what is their treasure.

Our museum Education Officer, Anneliese Stephens, has curated the exhibition with our Director David Clarke and it is an eclectic collection of objects from our local kids. The exhibition has a great chance for children from all over the district to collaborate, engage in a community event, and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of the growing number of families who live here. 

“In the last decade we have had an influx of families moving to the Wakatipu with a new generation of children so we think it is time to see what our growing community treasures” says Anneliese.  The exhibition has signage written by the children themselves, showcasing their taoka (treasures) and feature scrap books of other children’s taoka.

This exhibition has been successfully run around the world and numerous times around New Zealand including here at the museum in 2007.

(Taoka is the Ngai Tahu dialect of 'taonga')