Lakes District Museum

Art Gallery - Autumn Festival Art Exhibition

Our annual Bayleys Arrowtown Autumn Festival Art Exhibition has been a feature of Arrowtown’s Autumn Festival since 1985. This competition attracts the highest calibre of professional and amateur artists from around New Zealand.

We are finalising details for the 2023 Bayleys Arrowtown Autumn Festival Art Exhibition and an entry form will be available here soon.

2022 Award Winners were:

Bayleys Premier Painting Award:                                            Nigel Wilson 'Stewart Island'

Print Central Best Local Artist Award:                                     Jos Browning 'Captured Light'

Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival Young & Contemporary:     Finn Bodkin 'Macetown River Crossing Study'

Berry & Co. Applied Art Award:                                              Jasmine Clark 'Family'

Millbrook Innovative Innovative Use of Materials:                    Jane Craske  - felted works

Lakes District Museum Ceramic Award:                                     Louise Parker 'Dark Matter'

Berry & Co Merit Awards:                                                       Jennifer Hay 'Chroma'

                                                                                                    Sandy Kong 'Moonlight Tops, Inaka, Paparoa Track'

Arrowtown Gallery Merit Awards:                                          Sue Wademan 'My Remarkable View'  

                                                                                                   Sally Stone 'Sunny Days'           


Station Cafe Lauder Public Choice Award:                         Graham Brinsley  'Arrow River Autumn'


Premier Painting Award winners include:

  • 2022 - Nigel Wilson, Clyde
  • 2021 - David John, Arrowtown
  • 2019 - Jillian Porteous, Bendigo
  • 2018 - Maurice Middleditch, Bannockburn
  • 2017 - Laura Cahill
  • 2016 - Jasmine Middlebrook
  • 2015 - Jasmine Middlebrook
  • 2014 - Maurice Middleditch, Bannockburn
  • 2013 - Lorainne Higgens, Cromwell
  • 2012 - Liz Kempthorne, Clyde
  • 2012 - Gold 150 award section: Ben Ho, Queenstown 
  • 2011 – Rachel Hirabayshi 
  • 2010 – Wallace T. Keown